How to be a VTuber? - Necessary Factors

How does virtual YouTuber works?

How to be a VTuber? - Necessary Factors

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A virtual Youtuber (VTuber) is a kind of non-real idol that has an independent character design and a virtual image, relies on technologies such as expression capture, motion capture, and real-time rendering that drives the virtual avatar to make synchronous actions in real-time based on the expressions and actions of real people. The whole process requires real people to participate.

Relationship Between Operator and Virtual Avatar

Many virtual YouTubers hope to show only the identities of virtual avatars, excluding the identity of the operator, and fans usually have a tacit agreement not to discuss the real identity. Many VTuber companies also stipulate that operators must maintain a character image and not reveal the identity. However, some audiences will human-powered search the operator, or discuss it publicly after being exposed to this information.

Due to the blurred line between virtual Youtubers and real people, some may take the character setting seriously, feel cheated after finding out the truth or laugh at fans who don't really care about it (such as the VTuber Nora Cat's "people inside" and avatar gender:

How to be a VTuber? - Necessary Factors

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In terms of technology, the role of the virtual avatar and the operator do not need to maintain a one-to-one relationship, and the audience can only see the role but not the operator at ordinary times; however, the audience may have a strong sense of the operator's personality and voice. So if the operator is replaced, it may cause dissatisfaction among the audience and fans.

The opposite may also happen, where the avatar looks, moves, or the way the operator speaks may change, yet the audience prefers the original avatar.

How to be a VTuber? - Necessary Factors

① Virtual Avatar: 

Generally refers to the external skin model, the standing painting designed and realized by the artist, and then the animation model is made with live2D.

② People inside: 

The person who operates the avatar will dub the avatar and interact with the audience. The person inside is the soul of the VTuber. Generally, they use motion capture and virtual reality technology. (If you don't know what it means, refer to the details👉What is VTuber-Brief Concept)

How to be a VTuber? - Necessary Factors

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③ Multi-talented skills: It depends on the case.

  • If it is a chat-type streamer, he mainly interacts with the audience by chatting with them and activates the topics or atmosphere every day.

  • If it is a singing streamer, he needs a certain singing ability, which can be understood as Vsinger or virtual idol.

  • If it is a game streamer, he needs to have sufficient game strength, so as to drive the audience to interact together and attract fans.

Japanese is the de facto international language of the Virtual Youtuber industry. Most of the vtuber languages are Japanese and Chinese, and a few are English, Indonesian, Korean, etc. Most virtual streamers can only conduct events in their native language, and multilingual vtubers can conduct events for audiences in different regions, so it is especially rare.

The proportion of vtubers who have studied abroad or overseas work experience is also relatively high. The topic of language ability of vtuber is also talked about by the audience. Some vtuber organizations will screen or cultivate the language level of them, such as リブドル! , ReVdol! (Program Official Translation: -VIRTUAL IDOLS NEXT TO YOU-). All virtual idols can conduct activities in Chinese and Japanese, and all virtual YouTubers of oveRidea can communicate in Japanese, English, and Chinese.


Refers to the computer that meets the general streaming requirements (if you want to use the avatar to live broadcast the game, the configuration should be higher).

How to be a VTuber? - Necessary Factors

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⑤ Virtual Youtuber Live Streaming Software: 

There are many virtual avatar live streaming software on the market, you can choose the desktop-level virtual live streaming software - VTmini developed by SuperACG itself.

This software supports free facial capture, available via webcam, Android, and iPhone. Motion capture is also available for a fee if desired. At present, China's virtual uploaders (Vup) complete live broadcasts through facial capture every day, so even the free version of VTmini can meet everyone's daily needs.

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