Views on Virtual Idols

No one is perfect, and on the road to pursuing the ultimate perfection, virtual idols were born amid countless calls for perfection. So what is the practical significance of the development prospects of virtual idols? How do people feel about virtual idols/VTuber?

Talk about Metaverse & VTuber/Virtual Idol

One of the hottest topics this year must be the Metaverse. Microsoft spent nearly 70 billion dollars to buy Activision Blizzardaiming to expand the Metaverse ecology. Facebook also changed its name to Meta, betting on the Metaverse, and a series of well-known companies have started to get involved in the metaverse realm, so what is the metaverse? Is the metaverse virtual idol a core development direction?

How to Create Your Own Virtual Avatar​?

The premise of entering the metaverse is to have your own virtual avatar. You must have been in such a situation, searching for "vtuber maker free" or "vtuber avatar maker free online" in your browser can't always find the most accurate recommendation results. This article aims to recommend and introduce the least troublesome, effective, and free avatar making software for ordinary people, as well as the VTmini live streaming system suitable for individuals.

2021 Bilibili Ice and Fire Singing Battle SP

2021 Bilibili Ice and Fire singing Battle SP has been successfully held on December 26 in technical support by SuperACG. It's Showtime for VTubers to get molten stares by fans and audiences in this virtual concert.

What is VTuber?-Brief Concept

Since 2021, buzzwords "Metaverse" and "vtuber" have swept the web and ascended the Internet trend, which concept is getting more and more popular. Various popular science articles about the concept of the Metaverse VTuber are also emerging constantly, trying to help the public understand what is Metaverse and virtual avatars. However, most of the articles are mainly interpreted from the perspective of related industries; from the general public, those interpretations are still relatively lacking. So, what does it mean? You will get the answer by the end.