What is Metaverse? - Metaverse Meaning

The metaverse is hot. We may have figured out the concepts of 3D virtual human, motion capture, VR, AR, virtual space, NFT, etc., but how are they related to each other, and what is the metaverse? Today I will take you to a brief understanding and introduce the metaverse industry.

2021 Shanghai Metaverse Week

The first Shanghai Metaverse Week was a large-scale offline Salon initiated by @NFT4Metaverse (Twitter Acount). It invited a number of industry leaders to exchange and share their experience and insights. Together explore the Virtual World.

Why is the "Metaverse" so popular?

Literally, "Metaverse" is combined from "meta" and "verse". The concept is derived from Neal Stephenson's book Snow Crash. Meta means "meta" and "transcendence"; Verse refers to "universe", and the combination "Metaverse" refers to "a virtual world parallel to the real world" which is supported by AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) technologies.

What is VTuber?-Brief Concept

Since 2021, buzzwords "Metaverse" and "vtuber" have swept the web and ascended the Internet trend, which concept is getting more and more popular. Various popular science articles about the concept of the Metaverse VTuber are also emerging constantly, trying to help the public understand what is Metaverse and virtual avatars. However, most of the articles are mainly interpreted from the perspective of related industries; from the general public, those interpretations are still relatively lacking. So, what does it mean? You will get the answer by the end.