What Does "RP" Mean in VTuber?

There are many common terms in the V-fandom (Refers to the fans groups that chase virtual YouTubers, virtual singers, and virtual idols. It falls within the subculture category). If newcomers do not understand these terms, it may be difficult to get more involved, such as "DD", "RP", what do they mean? Here, interpret these professional terms for everyone.

How to Choose VTuber Motion Capture Equipment?

The purpose of this article is to explain the tools for what do vtubers use, as well as the introduction of the software and types of motion capture equipment they may choose, just for your reference.

Tencent Wesee ACGN Pay New Year's Call Offering

On the evening of February 15, 2021, the "Chinese Animation ACGN Pay New Year's Call Offering Welcome the Year of the Ox" hosted by Tencent Wesee opened. That night, Tu Shan Susu of "Fox Spirit Matchmaker", Nezha of "Fei Ren Zai: Non-Human" and other giant popular characters from the National Customs animation IP were all present as virtual idols, and the virtual idols and real stars/entertainers were linked and cooperated on the same stage across dimensions, bringing young users a fresh two-dimensional party experience.

How do VTubers operate and conduct?

Virtual YouTuber, also known as VTuber, Vsinger, Vliver, Vup, etc. It is a creator who uploads videos or makes live streaming on online video platforms as virtual avatars. Commonly used in activities on film and television platforms such as Youtube, Bilibili, Twitch, Facebook, Realy, niconico, Showroom, etc.