​How to Make a VTuber Live Room?

With the rapid continuous development of technology, we have seen many live streaming rooms built with virtual backgrounds for VTubers. Such virtual live streaming rooms can switch between multiple backgrounds at any time, making the live stream more realistic and cool. So how to make a virtual live room? What program do VTubers use to build a virtual live room?

How Does VTuber Work and Perform?

What is generally known to the public is the real people live streaming, such as live on YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. But with the development of technology and people's massive needs for the spiritual world, virtual avatars live streaming have also emerged as the times require. A virtual streamer refers to a person who uses a virtual avatar to contribute to video sites. And this is best known as a virtual YouTuber.

SuperACG "CiYuanJiang" Joined Virtual Live Commerce

Taobao Double 12 Day, SuperACG Academy member "CiYuanJiang" came to the live streaming room, interacted with the host on the same screen, and opened a new trend of virtual live streaming. Let us have a sneak peek at the possibility of virtual events.

Tencent Wesee ACGN Pay New Year's Call Offering

On the evening of February 15, 2021, the "Chinese Animation ACGN Pay New Year's Call Offering Welcome the Year of the Ox" hosted by Tencent Wesee opened. That night, Tu Shan Susu of "Fox Spirit Matchmaker", Nezha of "Fei Ren Zai: Non-Human" and other giant popular characters from the National Customs animation IP were all present as virtual idols, and the virtual idols and real stars/entertainers were linked and cooperated on the same stage across dimensions, bringing young users a fresh two-dimensional party experience.

VTuber Kizuna AI China Live Online 2nd Anniversary Birthday Party

The VTuber Kizuna AI China has been debuting for 2 years in China, and her birthday-party virtual live streaming will be held at 19:00, June 27th, 2021 on Acfun.cn.

What is VTuber?-Brief Concept

Since 2021, buzzwords "Metaverse" and "vtuber" have swept the web and ascended the Internet trend, which concept is getting more and more popular. Various popular science articles about the concept of the Metaverse VTuber are also emerging constantly, trying to help the public understand what is Metaverse and virtual avatars. However, most of the articles are mainly interpreted from the perspective of related industries; from the general public, those interpretations are still relatively lacking. So, what does it mean? You will get the answer by the end.

How do VTubers operate and conduct?

Virtual YouTuber, also known as VTuber, Vsinger, Vliver, Vup, etc. It is a creator who uploads videos or makes live streaming on online video platforms as virtual avatars. Commonly used in activities on film and television platforms such as Youtube, Bilibili, Twitch, Facebook, Realy, niconico, Showroom, etc.

Pros and Cons of Virtual Avatar

Virtual avatar live streaming become a novel and common way of carving out the alternative live streaming mode. According to the data report from iiMedia Research, the scale of China's virtual idol core industry in 2020 had reached RMB 3.46 billion, on-year increasingly of 70.3%. The emergence of new virtual live-streaming models has fueled this craze. Since this live streaming method is being adopted by more and more people, there may be such a worry that one day, virtual humans will completely replace the existence of actors in real life or the entertainment industry.