Talk about Metaverse & VTuber/Virtual Idol

One of the hottest topics this year must be the Metaverse. Microsoft spent nearly 70 billion dollars to buy Activision Blizzardaiming to expand the Metaverse ecology. Facebook also changed its name to Meta, betting on the Metaverse, and a series of well-known companies have started to get involved in the metaverse realm, so what is the metaverse? Is the metaverse virtual idol a core development direction?

How to be a VTuber? - Necessary Factors

A virtual Youtuber (VTuber) is a kind of non-real idol that has an independent character design and a virtual image, relies on technologies such as expression capture, motion capture, and real-time rendering that drives the virtual avatar to make synchronous actions in real-time based on the expressions and actions of real people. The whole process requires real people to participate.

VTuber Avatar Maker Free - Virtual Avatar 3D Model

People find it funny to have their own virtual avatar to interact with each other in the Metaverse online lifelike virtual world, like Horizen Worlds, developed by Meta which is formerly known as Facebook. But is there any tool for VTuber avatar maker free? And how much does a vtuber model cost if you start stepping into this area? Here we introduce.

Virtual YouTuber - As Virtual Influencer Go Viral Online

This article aims to introduce friendly partners of SuperACG, let everyone have a deeper understanding of what we are working on - VTuber/virtual influencer, and show some teamwork cases for virtual idol events.

Pros and Cons of Virtual Avatar

Virtual avatar live streaming become a novel and common way of carving out the alternative live streaming mode. According to the data report from iiMedia Research, the scale of China's virtual idol core industry in 2020 had reached RMB 3.46 billion, on-year increasingly of 70.3%. The emergence of new virtual live-streaming models has fueled this craze. Since this live streaming method is being adopted by more and more people, there may be such a worry that one day, virtual humans will completely replace the existence of actors in real life or the entertainment industry.