Views on Virtual Idols

The Practical Significance of Virtual Idols

No one is perfect, and on the road to pursuing the ultimate perfection, virtual idols were born amid countless calls for perfection. So what is the practical significance of the development prospects of virtual idols? How do people feel about virtual idols VTuber?

Practical significance of virtual idols

Virtual idols are characters that are produced through painting, animation, comics, galgame, etc., and perform or conduct activities as singers in virtual or real scenes (online or offline), such as the Internet. As well as be produced and cultivated for specific needs such as business and cultural spreading, but they do not exist in physical form. As the name suggests, they cannot be touched, but they can be seen and even felt.

Views on Virtual Idols

Virtual Idol:  初音ミク / Hatsune Miku, Japanese Vocaloid Virtual Singer / Vsinger
(Pictures from the Internet)

Why do consumers like virtual idols that do not exist in real life? For the public, they need an outlet for their emotions, and while real people cannot satisfy them, virtual idols become the outlet instead. Consumers often take on the role of attaching emotional value, and they continue to associate emotionally with virtual idols and pay for them.

Views on virtual idols

Virtual idols are pure enough, and most importantly, they are obedient.

Views on Virtual Idols

They have no previous record and will not make mistakes in the future. They can exist forever. They keep up with the trend of the times step by step and participate in various business activities. Work as humans, they continue to create value.

In addition, the participation of virtual idols is strong.

Most of the virtual avatars have no official character concept settings and can be created by fans.

An interactive creative process leads to a powerful emotional value. Many of the songs sung by virtual idols, such as Luo Tianyi, are created by UGC fans.

It can be seen that although virtual idols are things controlled by people, what they convey is what real people want to convey. Except that there is no entity, everything is real.

Although the development of virtual idols relies on a lot of high technology, it still conveys happiness to the audience, tries best to achieve the meaning of idols, and shows fans with positive energy.

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