VTuber Kizuna AI China Live Online 2nd Anniversary Birthday Party

As the most popular virtual YouTuber in the world, Kizuna AI has made its debut in China for two years with its localized image in China, triggering a passionate national debate. Today, the Chinese virtual YouTubers (VUP) market is in full swing, and more and more newcomers - Vup (virtual uploaders, what it's called on bilibili.com) have joined this novel area row by row.

VTuber Kizuna AI China Live Online 2nd Anniversary Birthday Party

Image Credit: Official promotional poster from Kizuna AI China's Channel on bilibili.com.

On the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of her debut, Kizuna AI China will bring you an online birthday party live on Acfun.cn, singing the latest original songs and dance performances.

Online video watching:

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